Year:  2013
Request Date:  
Claimer:  Mr. LULZIM CEKA, represented by Mr. Qazim Gjonaj (lawyer), with special power of attorney.
Interested Subject:  GENERAL PROSECUTION, in absentia.
Object:  The repeal as unconstitutional of the decision no. 13, dated 09.04.1998, of Court of Bulqiza Judicial District; of the decision no. 183, dated 02.06.1998, of Tirana Court of Appeal and of the decision no. 237, dated 06.11.1998, of Supreme Court.

Collegial Court Verdict

Session Date:          Time:  

Court Verdict

Number:  39
Date:  26.07.2013
Decided:  Rejected


Categorization:  1.1.10. Inidividët, Shumicë, Kontroll konkret, 1.6.1. Subjektet (legjitimimi), Konventa Evropiane për të Drejtat e Njeriut dhe protokollet shtesë, Gjykata Evropiane e të Drejtave të Njeriut, Vendime të mëparëshme të Gjykatës Kushtetuese, Item Description, Item Description, Item Description
Entire Verdict:  Nr: 39 Date: 26.07.2013
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