Year:  2011
Request Date:  
Claimer:  UKE SHETA, represented by the lawyers Dhimitraq Prifti and Artur Mickaj, with special power of attorney.
Interested Subject:  FIFE KASTRATI, represented by the lawyer Besnik Kaçurri, with special power of attorney. DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATION AND SALE OF PUBLIC PROPERTY, represented by Sotiraq Veizi, with authorization.
Object:  The repeal on unconstitutional grounds of decision no.426, dated 18.11.2008 of the Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court.

Collegial Court Verdict

Session Date:          Time:  

Court Verdict

Number:  32
Date:  22.07.2011
Decided:  Accepted


Categorization:  1.1.10. Inidividët, Shumicë, Kontroll konkret, Vendime të mëparëshme të Gjykatës Kushtetuese, Procedurë civile, 5.1.2. E drejta për t'iu drejtuar gjykatës, Item Description, Item Description
Entire Verdict:  Nr: 32 Date: 22.07.2011
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