The constitutional Court is composed of nine members, appointed for a nine-year term, without the right of being reelected. The constitutional judges are appointed by the President of the Republic [...]

16th International Judicial Conference on: “Opportunities and Challenges Facing the Judiciary of the 21st Century” Berlin, Germany, 22-24 May 2013

From 22 to 24 May 2013, it was held in Berlin, the 16th International Judicial Conference organized by the Furth Family Foundation, University of Michigan and International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES). The topic of the Conference was: “Opportunities and Challenges Facing the Judiciary of the 21st Century”

Constitutional Court of the Republic of Albania was represented in this activity by a delegation composed of Mr. Vladimir Kristo and Mrs. Altina Xhoxhaj, members of the Constitutional Court.
This is an annual conference which brings together judges of constitutional courts, supreme courts and courts of arbitrage from different world countries, to discuss important issues regarding the independence of judiciary and strengthening of the rule of law.

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