Functionality of the Constitutional Court and resumption of its full activity

Today is a remarkable day for the Constitutional Court of Albania. With the appointment of two other new members it has been achieved the necessary legal quorum for the resumption of its functionality and decision-making activity, interrupted since March 2018.

Re-establishment of the Constitutional Court has been of vital importance for the country, due to its role and competencies as the guarantor of the Constitution and of the rule of law, safeguarding the democracy, fundamental human rights and freedoms. This process has been long and complex, and has demanded for the cooperation of many state institutions and not only. A special thank also goes to the international partners for their unstinted support and assistance in order to successfully complete this process.

Constitutional Court is committed to exercising its functions with integrity and consistency, with a view to accomplish the mission that the Constitution has assigned to it, having full confidence in overcoming the challenges that lie ahead in compliance with the most important constitutional values and standards

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