Our objective and intention is to provide through this web site comprehensive information on the constitutional base, functioning and activity of this institution, as we feel duty-bound to bring the Constitutional Court closer to the public and to make it a more transparent, reliable and accessible institution.

In our democratic society, anything related to the functioning of public institutions and, consequently, the impact of their activity on the individuals’ lives, could and must be object of communication. The information generates knowledge and knowledge promotes the active participation of every individual in the whole democratic life.

The continuous updating of the Constitutional Court’s web site, enriching of its content and its endowing with new information searching instruments is in harmony with the need to modernize the image of constitutional justice, as well as with our endeavors to follow closely the developments in the technology of information.

The transparency of the activity of the Constitutional Court remains a constant commitment, being this one of the main motifs of our efforts to include in this web site the most valuable information, which would help all the visitors that might be interested in consulting it, especially the media, that, in the majority of cases, is the first one to forward our decisions to the public opinion.

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