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20 April 2009

Upon the invitation of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Albania, on April 16 – 19, 2009, a delegation of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Italy, headed by the President of this Court, Mr. Francesco Amirante, paid an official visit in the Republic of Albania.
The delegation, as well composed of Mr. Ugo De Siervo, Deputy President of the Court, Mr. Franco Gallo, justice, Mr. Giuseppe Troccoli, Secretary General and Mrs. Maria Antonietta Biasella, Director of Protocol, held several official meetings at the premises of the Constitutional Court, where it was received by the President of the Court, Dr. Vladimir Kristo. Part of this official visit was also the Seminar on “the incidental review and the conflict of competences,” which was organized in the city of Vlora.

During this visit, the President of the Constitutional Court of Albania, Dr. Vladimir Kristo, noted that the meetings were very encouraging as the Constitutional Court of Italy has been established since 60 years now and its experience and case law serve as a referring model not only for our country, but for other constitutional courts as well.
Whereas, the President of the Constitutional Court of Italy, Mr. Francesco Amirante, among other things during his speech noted that: “Frequently, Constitutional Courts find themselves under oppressive pressures, but there are exactly these moments where they should remain strong, ensuring their integrity and protecting the Constitution.”
At the end of this visit, it was agreed to sign a multi level agreement of cooperation between the Constitutional Courts of Albania and Italy. This agreement is expected to be concluded within a short period of time and it marks the first step towards the establishment of an institutional cooperation

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