Does the applicant have to submit personal data and are these data made public?

The applicant and each party in the process are obliged to introduce their identities and personal data.
As a rule, the process before the Constitutional Court is public, and the same can be said for the documents and information related therein.
However, for specific reasons, it may be requested and argued in writing not to reveal the identity. This request shall be examined by the Court taking into consideration the stage of the application, the reasons for which it is requested, the fact if the data in question have already been made public and to what extent, and as well as its appropriateness.

Who is acquainted with the applicants’ personal data?

In any case, the parties in the process are aware of the identity and other data related to the applicant. In addition, these data, as long as and to the extent that they become part of the court decision, are accessible by the third parties who have not been part of the adjudication process.

How long does the Constitutional Court keep personal data?

The Constitutional Court conserves in its archive, without any time limits, all the case/court files which include the documents submitted by the applicants and the parties in the adjudication process.

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