The constitutional Court is composed of nine members, appointed for a nine-year term, without the right of being reelected. The constitutional judges are appointed by the President of the Republic [...]

Participation in public hearings

Every person has the right to participate in public hearings, respecting the rules, the order and the solemnity of adjudication process.

The Constitutional Court, pursuant to Article 23 of Law no.8577 , dated 10.02.2000 “On the organization and functioning of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Albania," reviews the applications at plenary sessions or on the basis of documents, according to the nature of the case.
Public hearings are held in the courtroom with the presence of parties. Persons summoned as procedural subjects in adjudication, or the other persons attending the court hearings (such as the general public, media representatives, etc.), should notify their participation in advance and should be presented at the Court premises half an hour before the public hearing takes place. After being identified, they are subject to electronic physical control by the security guard, are provided with an entry permit and accompanied by him to the courtroom.

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